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Why is Yoga good for you? Why does one do Yoga?
For me, Yoga brings clarity to my Mind, Life & Being!"

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When: Wednesday 1/31/2014
Time: 2pm PST!
How to make 2015 your best year ever! Plus create your bullet proof resolution list!

Perfet timing for The New Year!
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3 Weeks Life Coaching - Be Your Best This New Year!

January 1st to January 21st, 2015!

Moj is a certified life coach. She has guided several clients in finding their true calling & pursuing life in alignment with that. She helps client identify their blocks & limiting beliefs, and helps clear them with certain coaching, exercises, meditation and resetting beliefs. She is there for her clients and encourages them to be their best, phyiscally, mentally, financially, vocationally & recreationally.
Now Available:
- 3 Weeks Life Coaching, Jan 2015 - Includes (optional) 7 days Cleanse
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7 days New Year Food Based Body & Mind Cleanse

Starting week of Jan 12th, 2015!

Moj is health entusiast. She has always been intrigued by clean eating & clarity of mind! This cleanse is engineered to help clients resetting their system, detoxing their body & mind, bringing clarity, and rejuvinating
Now Available:
- 3 Weeks Life Coaching, Jan 2015 - Includes (optional) 7 days Cleanse
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Hatha Yoga with Moj

Moj is a certified yoga instructor, E-RYT 500, & Anusara Inspired Teacher. She took up yoga after years of team sports & aerobic workouts. With Yoga she discovered a sense of peace, self-awareness and healing that she conveys to her students. She enjoys finding ways to tailor yoga to individual's needs. She has been practicing & teaching various styles of yoga.
Moj enjoys teaching people of different backgrounds and ages, encouraging an attitude of acceptance & fun while honoring individual needs. Her classes include a balance of meditation, breathing, asana (yoga postures), chanting and relaxation.

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